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Well, just like you, we can hardly believe that it is already April! It has been a great year so far Nicolai Diamant, and we hope that it has been for you as well!

Between TISE 2019 and Coverings 2019 earlier this month, it has been such an honor to meet so many new people, and continue to build relationships with our clients. At Nicolai Diamant, we value the time you give us, and as always, we want to repay you for that. Right now is a great time for the industry and Nicolai Diamant is grateful to be able to have a place in the stone fabrication community alongside you.

Oh yeah, do not forget about the SFA Italy tour coming up very soon! We are equally excited for this trip as you are. It presents the stone fabrication community an opportunity to come together and see what makes our industry so great. If you will be attending the trip, be sure to find Alex Bores, a Nicolai Diamant dealer, to talk all things Nicolai related. He is more than equipped to answer any questions you may have about our CNC diamond tools.

Here at Nicolai Diamant, we are proud to be a part of this awesome community, and are always looking for new ways to give back. As a partner to North American fabrication shops and CNC operators, Nicolai diamant is here to simplify your CNC tooling operations, improve accuracy, increase production and help the industry out in any way possible.

Exceeding Diamond Tool Limitations

It is April, so you know what that means!

The weather is heating up and so is the market for countertop fabrication. As people start designing their new homes and remodelling kitchens, your CNC machining process has never been more important than it is now.

With an increased demand for kitchen countertops, fireplace surrounds, architectural designs, vanities, wet bars, outdoor kitchens, and other stone workings, now is the time to prepare your fabrication shop. Your CNC diamond tools can boost production and drive sales through the roof this spring and summer.

We know as much as the next person how much stress your CNC diamond tools will be under during the next six months and heading into the holiday season.

This is why we have teamed up with the LPE Group to exceed your CNC tooling needs for the rest of the year. Nicolai Diamant is pleased to offer you a solution that will propel and optimize your high season CNC stone fabrication processes.

For anyone who does not know, LPE has an award-winning product on the market called the ClearCut. Simply, this digital tool calibration system is the future of CNC diamond tool measurements, which is why we trust it enough and are proud to present you an opportunity to take advantage of it. This high-resolution optical device was exclusively developed for the stone industry. It captures images of your entire CNC tool set directly on any CNC machine, creating hair splitting measurements every time.


We will get into how this solution is available to Nicolai Diamant clients in a second, but first, let us look at what the ClearCut can do for your fabrication shop, and then you will understand why Nicolai Diamant is associating with it.

Nine reasons why Nicolai Diamant trusts ClearCut:

1 Extend Tool Life – Recalibration to get more life out of your diamond tools

2 Optimize Tool Presets – Calibrate new diamond tool sets precisely for your CNC for optimal performance

3 Increase CNC Efficiency – Enhance quality of edges and reduce need for manual polishing

4 Measure in True Environment – All tools are calibrated on the CNC, the only true way to measure tool wear with actual spindle performance

5 Easy to Use – ClearCut comes with user-friendly software on a tablet that allows for quick diamond tool capture and calibration

6 Portable – Compact and lightweight for easy handling and placement on your CNC and setup only takes a few minutes

7 Developed for Stone – Specifically designed to meet the demands of the stone industry

8 Works on all CNCs – Versatile to work on any CNC routing machine and tool setup

9 Made in the USA – Engineering, manufacturing and customer support based in the U.S.

Wow… How… I want one… Yeah, we are thinking the same thing too! Nicolai Diamant and LPE are prepared to optimize your diamond tools, and offer you a solution to exceed the demands for your CNC fabrication this spring, summer and holiday season to bury your local competition.

ClearCut-features Diamond Tool Solutions for YOU

If you want to try a ClearCut system out on your Nicolai Diamant CNC diamond tools, we honestly cannot blame you. This is why we have decided on partnering with LPE. We saw the value it presents to not only our clients, but to the ENTIRE stone fabrication community and industry.

There are a few different ways you can try before you buy. The first option is to rent one of these systems from Nicolai Diamant directly. You do not have to own Nicolai Diamant tools either. We genuinely want to create a community where everyone can flourish. The minimum rent time is one week and the maximum rent time is one month. However, if there is something you need done specifically, Nicolai Diamant will go to any length in order to accommodate your CNC tooling needs.

As the seasonal fabrication picks up, the next opportunity will not only prepare your current CNC tools for the requests of your clients, but will also increase your accuracy for time to come. If you buy two sets of tools from Nicolai Diamant, we will in return offer you the LPE ClearCut for one week, free of charge. Not enough time? Buy five sets of tools from Nicolai Diamant and we will match that by providing your CNC fabrication shop with the ClearCut for an entire monthly completely free of charge.

There is no better way to get more out of your current tools with the ClearCut and replenish your inventory of industry-leading CNC diamond tools than this deal we have created for you. Also, Nicolai Diamant is the only CNC tool manufacturer in the industry offering you this solution. So, if you want to take advantage of LPE’s industry-leading technology at a fraction of the price, partner with Nicolai Diamant today.

We are offering this solution to the stone fabrication industry because you deserve to use the easiest and most efficient tool measurement system on the market on our behalf. With that, when the ClearCut makes it way into your fabrication shop, LPE and Nicolai Diamant will send a video tutorial and manual with it. Although, the system is user friendly and very easy to use. Actually, it is so easy that one of your kids can operate it!

We want to help improve your fabrication shop, business and sales. Nicolai is always working to find new ways to help you out. However, this is the latest one and are excited to share it with you.

Now is the time to act and be in a position to succeed when fabrication requests pick up very shortly. You know longer have to spend $50,000 on an inhouse tool measurement system that is not even portable. Partner with us and this affordable solution right now to take advantage of what the ClearCut will do for your business.

You know you have to get new tools eventually, so why not just give this shot? Get yourself the diamond tools you needed anyways, measure up and prolong the life of your old diamond tools, and put yourself in a position to boost your high season sales.

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