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5 + 1 Diamond Profiling Tools + Marmomac 2019

Nicolai North America

Nicolai Diamant and American Abrasive Technology are heading to Marmomac 2019. This year, like every other year, Nicolai has an opportunity to showcase our products, and network with industry partners and our clients. From industry meetings, networking, live demos, and meeting with clients, this show is the perfect platform to take fabrication to the next level.

Nicolai North America’s team of salesmen, engineers, technicians, as well as Miller Ganapini, our President/CEO, are all crossing the ocean for the event. Each year, we have the honor to exhibit at the show, and bring back valuable insight and understanding of the international industry updates to apply it to our local markets. By doing so, this allows our team to better address the needs of your exact needs for your own local clients here in the U.S.

As always, we are happy to equip you with what learned during this show. There are various perspectives and segments that we can learn from while attending the showing, such as: importers, exporters, owners, fabricators, polishing companies, countertop businesses, engineered and natural stone distributors, artists, and so many more. By learning from everyone there, we can then tailor our diamond tooling solutions to the latest industry needs.

5 + 1 Diamond Profiling and Polishing Wheels

In Hall 7 Stand D3, Nicolai Diamant will have our 5 + 1 profiling wheel sets on display. Among the profiling wheels, there will also be electroplated finger bits, diamond blades, polishing pads/wheels, corner breakers, sink wheels, and several other types CNC tools on display. However, in this article, we really want to dive into the benefits of using 5 metal profiling wheels and 1 metal polisher. If at any point you have questions, please contact us, or plan a visit to our booth during the show from September 25 – 28. 

Save Time

The DMC 60 & DM 20 profiling wheels are a 5 metals + 1 polisher wheels package. While other manufacturers continue to offer a 4 + 3 toolset, they are limiting fabricators’ ability to get the most out of their investments. With the 5 + 1, tool changeover between profiling wheels and the polishing wheel only occurs once.When you fabricate with Nicolai Diamant’s tools, you’ll spend more time fabricating, and less time trying to perfect finished edges. This opens up more time for fabricating a greater amount of slabs in a smaller amount of time. Not to mention, our diamond profiling wheels travel 25 feet per minute, as compared to the industry standard level with basic polishers at four feet per minute. This creates more time in the day for you to get more projects done on your CNC machines for various purposes, whether it be custom work or mass production.

Gain Accuracy

These diamond tools remove the lines left on finished edges that polishers cannot remove, no matter how much effort and time is spent on trying to accomplish this task. With that, polishers merely shine the lines up, ultimately exposing them even more, while diamond wheels remove them entirely. Your customers deserve counter tops that do not have wavy and rippled edges. By using less polishers and more metal diamond profiling wheels, your slabs will have a significant decrease in residuals line, wavy finishes and ripple effects. When standard polishers are pushed too much, the quality of the finish drastically decreases, while increasing lines and ripples.

More Efficient

Nicolai’s 5+1 diamond tool sets generate lower decibels, extend tool life, have polishes, quicker diamond redressing turnaround, more accuracy and faster fabricating speeds. Also, using Nicolai Diamant’s diamond technology profiling wheels significantly increases fabrication speeds as diamonds travel much faster than regular polishers. This is why we rely on the fifth diamond wheel with a 1,000 grit.

Save Money

As a result of using tools that last longer, you can fabricate more countertops with one set of tools, and not have to purchase new ones as frequently as other companies. Also, Nicolai North America has an EDM service to redress the tools, and extends their life even more for more uses. This allows fabricators to send in their old tools and get them back like brand new.

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