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Who is Nicolai Diamant?

Nicolai Diamant is a family owned business that treats you like family. For nearly forty years, we have focused our business model around putting our clients first. By closely and carefully considering the suggestions and preferred fabrication requirements of our clients in different regions, we are prepared to meet your every CNC tooling need.

Nicolai Diamant’s primary production facilities are at our headquarters in Massa, Italy. However, Nicolai Diamant has a fabricating facility located in the North American headquarters, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. From production, engineering, EDM and more, we are ready to have CNC tools to your North American shop in no time!

It is our vision to see your fabrication cycle be as seamless as possible by simplifying the tooling process. Among our wide product range, Nicolai Diamant is committed to going above and beyond to offer our clients the solutions they need to be successful. With that, if there is a custom tool your business needs to set yourself apart from competition, rest assured, Nicolai Diamant is prepared to tailor that tool for you.

Starting with Innovative technology in the Stone Industry in 1980, Nicolai Diamant has since expanded its technological horizons to engineered stone and ceramic materials, as well as the glass working industry. Thanks to the relationships and loyalty of our clients, Nicolai Diamant has experienced global success with no sign of slowing down.

Simply put, Nicolai Diamant is a world leader in diamond blade and CNC tooling technology used for cutting, drilling, polishing, profiling and shaping various stone surfaces.


Nicolai Diamant’s Tools for Your CNC Machines


Nicolai Diamant is pleased to offer CNC operators and stone fabricators the most solutions to accomplish more with less. From profiling wheels, electroplated finger bits, diamond blades, polishing pads/wheels, corner breakers, sink wheels, and several other types CNC tools, Nicolai Diamant is prepared to be an effective and efficient technology partner alongside your fabrication shop. It is our passion to equip you with CNC tools that will supercharge your production.

At Nicolai Diamant, we infuse all our CNC tools with diamond technology. Utilizing this industry-leading technology gives your fabrication shop the latest and greatest solution for cutting into stone and fabricating counter tops. This also gives you an edge over the competition in your market not taking advantage of it.

It goes without saying that profiling, shaping, polishing, drilling and cutting into stone is way more effective than using regular polishers without diamond technology.

The diamond tools also remove the lines left on finished edges that polishers cannot remove, no matter how much effort and time is spent on trying to accomplish this task. With that, polishers merely shine the lines up, ultimately exposing them even more, while diamond wheels remove them entirely.

Your customers deserve counter tops that do not have wavy and rippled edges.

Essentially, if you want to optimize the fabrication process, speed up production, churn out more precise finishes, and have tools that last longer than anyone else, there is no other option than Nicolai Diamant.

As previously mentioned, if there is a very specific set of tools you need to fabricate, Nicolai Diamant is here to work with you. We take pride in listening and supporting our clients in any way possible. This includes tailoring our CNC tools to your exact needs. If you can dream it, Nicolai Diamant can do it.


Diamond CNC Tools Engineered to Last


Nicolai Diamant’s team of engineers work diligently to go above and beyond to offer the stone industry the very tools it needs to sustain itself and progress. With that, investing in research and development is a top priority at Nicolai Diamant.

Without trying to improve the tools we created yesterday, tomorrow offers no hope, and the industry will not grow. That is why our engineers fight to find the best solutions required to improve the fabrication cycle and make shops more accurate, efficient, productive and profitable.

On average, Nicolai Diamant’s DMC 60 profiling wheels will effectively fabricate over 8,000 feet before they begin to lose their diamonds. It varies depending on the surfaces and the feed rate the CNC tools are run at, but that is the minimum your CNC machine will get out of them.

Once they reach their peak performance, Nicolai Diamant’s engineers have another solution for you. Our electrical discharge machining (EDM) team uses different methods, including but not limited to spark machining, spark eroding, die sinking, and wire burning to bring your tools back to life in 10 days or less.

However, for those who need their tools redressed with diamonds quicker, we can guarantee a 5-day turnaround time for those willing to pay a little extra. This manufacturing process reshapes and dresses your CNC tools with diamonds using electrical discharges.

Nicolai Diamant’s CNC tools are also compatible with various machines from different CNC manufacturers in the stone industry.


Nicolai Diamant Makes Better CNC Operators


At Nicolai Diamant, we want to see your CNC operators get the most of your new CNC tools. For those who have never operated a CNC machine with Nicolai Diamant profiling wheels, finger bits, diamond blades, or other tools, our technicians are capable, and certainly more than willing to teach CNC operators how to use them.

Whether it be installation, fitting, programming, or any other need, Nicolai Diamant provides the very training to execute these tasks. We are committed to hanging around your fabrication shop until all your CNC operators are fully confident in their abilities with these CNC tools, guaranteeing you a ROI.

Since Nicolai Diamant’s CNC tools naturally last longer from our dedication to constantly improving the fabrication process, these tools ensure that your CNC operators can grow alongside them. As they get comfortable fabricating with our CNC tools, flexible machining ensues since the tools do not need to be redressed as frequently.

Unlike fabricating with other CNC tooling manufacturers, operators using Nicolai Diamant CNC tools can learn new ways to improve their craft. Simply put, longer tool life equals more uses.

­­­­­­As a proud SFA partner, we are here to help our American friends at trade shows in the United States, such as Coverings 2019, which is quickly approaching in April. This includes demonstrations around the SFA cage and other CNC machine manufacturers’ booths whose machines are equipped with Nicolai Diamant CNC tools. ­­


Nicolai Diamant CNC Tooling Difference


Investing in Nicolai Diamant for your technology needs does not merely end at the transaction. When you do business with Nicolai Diamant, you become a member of our organization and family, as we continually strive to create a culture you are proud to let represent your work. The most important thing to us is the relationships.

Nicolai Diamant’s DMC 60 & DM 20 profiling wheels for natural and engineered stone offer what others do not: CNC tools that generate lower decibels, extended tool life, better polishes, quicker diamond redressing turnaround, more accuracy and faster fabricating speeds.

The DMC 60 & DM 20 profiling wheels are a 5 metals + 1 polisher wheels package. While other manufactures continue to offer a 4 + 3 toolset, they are limiting fabricators’ ability to get the most out of their investments. With the 5 + 1, tool changeover between profiling wheels and the polishing wheel only occurs once.

Also, using Nicolai Diamant’s diamond technology profiling wheels significantly increases fabrication speeds as diamonds travel much faster than regular polishers. This is why we rely on the fifth diamond wheel with a 1,000 grit.

Not to mention, our diamond profiling wheels travel 30 feet per minute, as compared to industry standard level with basic polishers at four feet per minute. This creates more time in the day for you to get more projects done on your CNC machines for various purposes, whether it be custom work or mass production.

By using less polishers and more metal diamond profiling wheels, your slabs will have a significant decrease in residuals line, wavy finishes and ripple effects. When standard polishers are pushed too much, the quality of the finish drastically decreases, while increasing lines and ripples.

We do not want to simply sell you a set of CNC tools. Rather, we prioritize creating an equally beneficial relationship to fulfill your CNC tooling needs to create a more accurate, efficient, ergonomic and productive fabrication shop in your respective market.

This is the time-proven Nicolai Diamant difference.

If flawless finishes with minimal effort and reduced human error is not enough, allow our CNC tool technicians to show you what the Nicolai Diamant difference can do for your business at Coverings 2019.


Nicolai Diamant’s Limitless CNC Tooling Service


As previously mentioned, Nicolai Diamant’s technicians are available to be onsite your fabrication shop to service your tools. Whether it be installation or training, we are here to help.

When you are a client of Nicolai Diamant, our team is available to help, whether it be regular maintenance, installation or training.

We also offer our clients a remote hotline during regular business hours. With two locations in the United States and several remote service technicians, your concerns never go unanswered. It is our goal to provide you with the knowledge needed to return to normal operation as quickly as possible.


Coverings 2019 – Exhibiting Nicolai Diamant’s CNC Tools


In four weeks, Nicolai Diamant will be booth 4332 during Coverings 2019. Whether you have a question, comment, or concern, our salesmen, engineers and technicians will be at your disposal April 9 – 12. Be sure to start planning today and add our booth to your show plan.

The DMC 60 & DM 20 5 metals + 1 polisher profiling wheels, as well as other finger bit and CNC tools will be on display. You cannot afford to miss out on this great opportunity, so come prepared to learn how we can set your fabrication shop up for nothing but success.

Supercharging your production with the fastest tools on the market that hold their value the longest is what excites us! Ask us today how we can do that for you. Please send us an email at or call (616) 855 – 1550.

Excellence is not just a continual quest at Nicolai Diamant, it is the standard.