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First and foremost, thanks for giving us your time. In return for hearing us out, we put something together that we know will make you happy.


SFA Italy Tour of Nicolai’s CNC Tools


We recently returned from the annual SFA Italy Tour more appreciative of this amazing group than ever. It is an honor to be associated with such an uplifting community of stone fabricators who come together to help each other out.


It truly was a blessing for Nicolai Diamant to host a SFA stop at our headquarters in Massa, Italy. This is an event we look forward to each year and love showing industry professionals how Nicolai’s diamond tools, marble tools, tools for granite, cnc tooling solutions, and polishing pads for quarries and plants are made.


We want to thank everyone who came to visit Nicolai Diamant, tour our facilities, and for hopping on some helicopters with us and flying over Italy’s finest quarries. Below are some images from the trip:

Diamond Tools Support

Back to the good stuff… Buckle up!


Do you like fast and efficient service? Right, we’re thinking the same thing you are. Who doesn’t? Well, Nicolai Diamant is making our second-to-none service even better for our diamond tools. How so? 




Yeah, you guessed that right. We’re just as excited to be offering this new service as you are to receiving even faster service for all your marble tools. Again, we know exactly what you’re thinking … “Great, I’m going to be talking another automated robot…”


NOPE, not today! We are just as tired as you are with the automated chat responses. So, our team at Nicolai Diamant has come up with another solution for you.


After stepping back and asking ourselves how we can become a better diamond tool provider to your 5-axis machine shop, as well as listening to your requests, Nicolai Diamant decided it was time to improve our service for you.


Nicolai exists to assist and personalize your fabrication shop’s diamond tools needs. To date, Nicolai has prioritized and will continue to prioritize providing the best cnc tooling technicians in the industry.


Take Sébastien Bergeron with Advanced Cutting for example, he works around the clock to answer every Nicolai-related question in the SFA group. Sébastien, like many other Nicolai technicians are a testament to our investment in having the best techs in the field to service your diamond tools on cnc routers for stone.



But wait, it gets better…


“Okay, so tell us, how does it get better?”


Nicolai North America is investing in a new, full-time cnc tooling technician available to you through the LIVE online help center for all your diamond tools support and requests.


Now you do not have to wait for our diamond tool technicians to fly out to your shop and access your situation. Rather, sign on to and ask away in our live chat. This will drastically reduce the downtime in your cnc machine shop if something happens during your cnc tooling operations and diamond tools that requires our team’s attention immediately. Simply sign on and ask away. The new diamond tools technician is readily available to you whenever you have a service request or question about your diamond tools.


As previously mentioned, Nicolai Diamant’s technicians are available to be onsite your fabrication shop to service your tools. Whether it be installation, maintenance or training, we are here to help.


In addition to our already existing remote telephone hotline for all your diamond tools needs, we are now even more stoked to offer this new live help center with a dedicated technician to make sure your cnc tooling questions never go unanswered. It is our goal to provide you with the knowledge needed to return to normal operation as quickly as possible.


But wait. It gets even better… How you might ask?


It’s FREE.


This new service comes to you at no additional cost. Through every interaction, we want you to feel like more than just a number and paying customer to us.


No other cnc tooling manufacturer in the industry offers this service. Nicolai North America saw a need for our clients and wanted to improve your experience operating with Nicolai diamond tools that have been handcrafted since 1980.


This new service will be available for use in North America on Monday, July 1. It will be accessible during regular business hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm EST.



In case you were wondering why we are rolling out an online service center, we hope to answer that for you right here. Short and simple:




We want you to feel like family. Nicolai Diamant, regardless of the continent we are operating out of, or where your shop is located, remains who we started as in 1980: a family company for your family business. You can’t pick and choose your family members, for better or worse, but you can choose who you invest your business’s resources into. So why not invest in a company who will treat you like family?


It’s okay if you don’t take our word for it. Go ask your fellow fabricators in the SFA what they think of Nicolai Diamant. They will confirm what we are attesting to.


Look, we get it. Is everyone reading this a Nicolai North America client? No.


Will everyone reading it become a partner of ours? No.


But we want everyone reading this to know that we want your business so we can provide what others do not: family-like relationships through following our passions. Nicolai loves to simplify your diamond tools needs and you love making excellent countertops and dimensional stone for your clients. Let’s work together to create exceptional results that your local competitors won’t be able to keep up with.



As some of you may already know, a few months ago Nicolai partnered with The LPE Group to bring the stone industry an unrivaled solution for your diamond tools needs that nobody can match.


Through our partnership, we are letting stone industry fabricators try before they buy LPE’s award-winning ClearCut. This tool is a universal and mobile digital diamond tool calibration system. It captures images of your entire diamond tools directly on any cnc machine, creating hair splitting measurements every time without having to remove the diamond tool from the stone cnc router.




We want to help improve your fabrication shop, business and sales. Nicolai is always working to find new ways to help you out. However, the ClearCut and new full-time service technician are the latest ones that we are excited to share with you.


We just don’t want your business, we want to EARN it. Don’t believe us? Send us whatever problem your bridge saw, cnc router, or polishing line faces, and we will provide an answer to it today.


“Oh they’re just saying that”


No really, contact us right now in the form below to learn how we can optimize your stone tooling needs and become an extension of our mission statement.

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